Amy Hopwood is a singer-songwriter based in Weymouth, Dorset, and has recently launched her second album “All at Sea”. She performs as a duo with Tobias Raven singing traditional folk with new arrangements, and her own thoughtful, beautiful songs, written in a folk/acoustic style.

Amy sings in a pure, natural voice, suiting the humanistic nature of her songs. The story and emotion are foremost, so depending on the needs of the song, the accompaniment may be minimal, or full and luscious, with a wide variety of instruments such as tenor guitar, bass, banjo, harmonium and whistle.


Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

Her lyrics hold a wit and a wisdom and betray a genuine curiosity about the world around us and the inner workings of our minds. Songs on “All at Sea” range from The Call of the Wind Witch, a story song based around the old tradition of selling magical knotted ropes to sailors on the quayside (and an allegory about not getting too cocky!); to The More I Look, the Less I See, with its philosophical and metaphysical subject matter.

Throwing Stones at the Sea is a fantastical but compassionate look at the roles of men in today’s society, while The Seagulls Cried is based on a real event and mourns the poverty and mental health problems rife in out-of-season seaside towns. However, Amy is not one to ignore the amazing lyrics and tunes already in existence, and Sea Fever is a new setting of John Masefield’s wonderful poem of longing; while When the Boat Comes In is a new arrangement of a favourite childhood folk song, using rounds and harmonies. Her influences include Suzanne Vega, Elliott Smith, Nick Cave, Tunng and Karine Polwart.

“Good music makes you think, and this is good music.”

“A rather lovely album”

RnR Magazine


Amy Hopwood and Tobias Raven (also known as “Amy and the Raven”) have had a great summer playing various folk and literary festivals in the South West of England. They are delighted that tracks from “All at Sea” are regularly being played on Radio Caroline, Blues and Roots Radio, regional BBC radio stations and that they were selected to be part of FATEA Magazine’s Showcase Sessions (Autumn 2019).

The first reviews of “All at Sea” are starting to come in!