Lockdown Songwriting

The Lockdown Songwriting Project took place in June/July 2020. I led a small group of strangers, from all over the country, through a series of online sessions where we wrote a song together about our experiences of the Covid-19 lockdown. It was a song therapy project and participants said they found the process both enjoyable and cathartic during these troubled times. The video shows the results! I loved leading this project and plan to do more like this in the future.

If Walls Could Talk

“If Walls Could Talk” was a Heritage Lottery Funded oral history project, focused on peoples’ memories of the Park District in Weymouth. I held workshops, memory sessions and one to one interviews with local residents, and gathered information online from people who had moved away from the area. A key focus of the project was to help reduce social isolation and to increase a sense of pride in the local community. At the end of the project, we held a 1950s themed tea party to celebrate and gave guided tours of the area, led by a local “character”. We also produced a booklet containing the stories and memories we uncovered, which you can download here, for free.